When they hear the big bell strikes six
The lanes of women are ready to
Come out from garment factory
A pretentious faces,
Hurrying in their walks
A small talk
Tattered clothing with dull handbag
Working a bit harder with machine
And enthusiasm pumped by their children
Mentioning “I am waiting for you Ma”
And moving as a programmed robot to the home….!

These women life lying as a:
A peasant with a dull, hard, unexciting life
Gazing with wide eyes and meld themselves in to the work
Sacrificing their souls for a handle full of family
Leaving their heart at home
And bring their head to work
Losing themselves in the face of money….!
Losing themselves in the face of money….!
Now I salute these women with great respect…..!


I sit in this cubical, not understanding why I am here
It is almost at 4.30pm, a tea break in my office
A smile in me, How the “half trouser” changed to the
Full- pledge professionalism
Once leaving all the burden enjoyed the days like airy
I wonder how it changed to the mechanical robot
By hitting the keyboard, thinking
How a small bag of books changed to the Laptop
Still footstool is here, but where is the rest….?
Here I am, the food is awaiting and I ‘m hungry
Where does the time solace….? Cried my lunch break
A bunch of office mate is here, I can smile at everyone
But, still I feel lonely, searing for the old mate to
Share the thoughts
Once the bike was reserved for few hours
Now it becomes my close companion, still few places to move on
I was beatific with my tiny pocket money
Now I get huge monthly pay slip and it has been nestled
Again I wonder why I am still here
Then its hits to me
I am not following the dream, chasing the money
And this is the time to get it……!


OH…! Terrorism-torn nation
Country of my birth
A hundred –thousand of soul
Are melted in the fire

Yea…! Terrorist, you might throw fire of fear
And hatred to take their toll
But still can’t resign your soul
While praying for God…!

Though you severe throughout,
The arm justice will not be restrained
Our honorable flag will not be stained

And we just send a word:
You may now rejoice of our tears


“It’s really strange feeling”
“It’s friendship”
“I don’t know the reason”
“Hum, I wonder”
“Why she left me alone”
“Without reason”
“Hundred –thousand of eyes “
“Blossoming in me “
“And each eye searching for your path”
“Now I am alone”
“I sit back in silent”
“Tears are following me”
And say: “if you give up me”
“Under whose”
“Shadow I can melt “


The light of love she sparked in her eyes
You greeted her eyes by crying all night long

She dressed up you in white on Independence Day
You greeted her eyes by making colorful dress

She made all your meals with care and love
You greeted her eyes by tossing the plate on the floor
And say: “can’t you see and add the salt”

She bought new bike and asked to drive with care
You greeted her eyes wetted by an accident

She warned you not to stay late night outside
You greeted her eyes wakeup until dawn

She would like to take part in your life path decision
You greeted her in eyewash words

She was struggling to read the Newspaper
You greeted her by new spectacles and saying
“Mum you become old”

On weekend, she likes to spend with you
You greeted her tears eye by saying”
“I m too Tired, I Need rest”

She felt ill, she needed of your care
You greeted her eyes; parents are burden to their children

One day she will close her eyes
What all you can do…?
A few drops of tears in front of her grave
And says: “My Mom is Great”…!


They may say death is an end
For everyone life

Death is not a fair
Death is an ideal
Death is helpless

But still……..
Death shall not take
Away all those years
We spend together

Of course,
Separations are wound
Nobody can heal
Memories are those treasures
Nobody can steal it.

Death is an end for body
But not for the soul
Our feelings and memories are eternal dear…..


I stretched my right hand forward
I am sweating
Body is shivering
Voice is fluctuating
Feelings are different
Caring-loving heart
Though you are my friend
Why do I have this feeling..?

Then, you pulled it back instead…!
My hand tries to call you
Lips moving but not forming words
Tears start to leak from me
And saying I’ m sorry
I never meant to hurt you….!
Your eyes are hard and unforgiving
I can’t bear your hate
Just shake my hand dear…..!

Raise your arm straight
Extend your finger
Reach for my palm
Not so hard is in it ….?
To shake my hand…..!


It shows the beauty of material body
With an expression, melody, and rthym
In dance and influence is define the
The nature of Indian dance……


Hop, hop, hop, and hop
Once I saw a little bird
It lyric joined in the wind
And strikes in a newer form
I breathe the same air
In the beautiful sunrise and warm sunset
I’ll feel gentle touch of their love
Hop, hop, hop, and hop
A little bird sang happily and flew high.


New Year is not the day you pass every year,
But, remember down days in the years ahead
And look up to reach you desire star
I wish you; let this New Year Be the blessed, to acquire all your desires

Oh! Greedy!!
Oh! Greedy! I mourn for your end!
Still now, you were ruling in my palace as a king
You claimed in my live as your lover
Sometimes you play a game, me as an enemy
You are close companion to my selfish happiness and sadness
But, where you find a place, when I am dead….?

Beauty live in the eyes
Once it shut down
Where will it find the span of life…?


Birthday is not the day,
You pass each year
Remember down days in the year ahead
Look up and wish upon your star
Then the universe surrounds you with possibilities
And may you acquire all that you desireHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU………………….

Youth dreams
Don’t waste your youth chasing fast dreams
Gleaming things and pretty thing
Take heed watch yourself you couldFind yourself inside the place you reside

Love touch
My eyes could not see you
My heart could not feel you
My breathe could not sense you
I know I am death without you

Teachers are blessed gift of God,
Who inspire with love of knowledge and truthAnd shows the brighter side to lead our youth

Life’s all challenges,
It determining with smart changes
Nobody can do you any damages
Ahead your path with happiness
It will shape your life as you like
On behalf of our lovely friendship

On our special day
When our lives become united as a one
We promised to be hand-in-hand forever…………

But, what has now happened to us,
We are two
That you hand as yours and my hand as mine?


A man live for hundred years

Yet half is sleep, half is rest

Again in childhood and old age

Runs pages of books, to win prize

And working for other men, to live on,

Earning wealth and spending for health

The live companion diseases and tears

The day dream love and happiness

Life sweet fruit friendship

Life bitter fruit greedy

True and lie plays an alternate dice

What has happened at the end..?

The causes and effect of the life

Are simply linked:

The live beyond the skies…!


(A srilankan child share his innermost thoughts,
About his country with god)

O God…! O God…! O God…!
This city has hundred and thousand souls
Few were superior few were inferior

Some are living in mansion, some are in holes
Yet still they have own place
Yet still they have own place

O God…! This city was my homeland
Now it become has an alien
Now it become has an alien

The tree blossoms every spring anew
O God…! Why you made human race
Hundred years once, hundred years once

O God…! I saw a birds nest in the trees
They sang happily upon the blooming twig
But I hear a wailing song, a wailing song

A hundred thousand or so are strive here
O God…! Cause and effect are very simple
There community people human being
Only they have rights to live in this city


I and My dad
Are very close
We are best friend
And sometimes enemy too…
On the summer day
We drive in the car and
Walking through the leaves
He built high hopes and dream in me
We walk in the park
And spend fun time together
I share my innermost thought
My little angry, naughty words
Are adore by him
He showed best in me
And made my path pure and precious
And what can I do all for you….
Simply I love you so much.


O Sleep…., o sleep…..
Tell my eyes to shut down
And make my head down to asleep

Now my eyes are burring
I am too tried, it needs to rest
You just fall asleep

O sleepy…., o sleepy….,
Why still awaken…? And
Running around in my brain…?

If you not push to sleep
You should stay up all the night
And ask yourself, what to do next…?

O sleeps…, o sleep….
I knew, he will come in my dream
And distribute you, not to sleep

But what to do he’s special
And I will not think of him
Like now, just fall asleep

O lord …! O sweet…! O love…!
Why still I awaken
O sleep o sleep please sleep!


O dear…! O lord…! O child ….!

Why tears are streaking in your face….?

There is nothing wrong on you

The faults will lie on me…!

Then why do you cry my darling….?

O sweet heart….! O my love…!

Who am I…? I don’t have any rights on you…?

See your fish eyes are filled with water,

Nose is in pinkies in color

My sweet heart, don’t be angry

If you think so….! Then forgive me….!

What shall I do to see my little heart to smile….?


REDROSES: can say I love you
And want you to be mine

YELLOW ROSES: can say you are my friend
I need you to share my innermost thoughts

ORANGE ROSES: can say I m sorry
If I have hurted you anyway,

WHITE ROSES: can say peacefulness
The relationship has been broken

PINK ROSES: can say happiness
Our live cross miles of memories


REDROSES: can say I love you
And want you to be mine

YELLOW ROSES: can say you are my friend
I need you to share my innermost thoughts

ORANGE ROSES: can say I m sorry
If I have hurted you anyway,

WHITE ROSES: can say peacefulness
The relationship has been broken

PINK ROSES: can say happiness
Our live cross miles of memories


Sleep baby sleep
Sleep baby sleep
This is the time to take rest

Sleep baby sleep
I will protect you every night by holding
You close in my hand

Sleep baby sleep
There is nothing to fear
When I am near, why do you want to scream?

Sleep baby sleep
There are miles of night waiting
To steal your lovely sleep

Sleep baby sleep
And give thanks to God
For blessing the childhood to take rest.


(I still remember, my first rose)

On our special day

Our live starts in bliss

A red-petals rose in hand

And it said your warm love

My first roses:

I accepted in my hand

With downcast eyes

We promised hand-in-hand forever

Dew drops in the red roses

Tears running down in my face

Feelings untold!!
Feelings untold!!



I‘ve found a man,

After a strive in this life

He builds his world with

Narrow and successful path

His power that labours towards the best

He works for us and lookups towards the height

All his experience a long march towards the light

He have grown greater than nature

He is blessed gift of God to our country

And too the young world

He is the man called ‘ABDHULKALAM’



Mom, because of out break
I stand here, alone
Between the four sides walls
Mom, you didn’t showed me the way
I’m here, but destiny path!!!
My tears streaking down my in my face
But no hands there to wipe out
Mom, because of outbreak
My life burst like a balloon
I’m feeling sharp pain
No knife holds more danger
Mom, now my heart shouts and screams
No one there to listen it,
Mom, I wear cloth,
But it is not colorful as before
Mom, there are men,
But each men remains a Stranger
Mom, I’m becoming very scared
Because of outbreak, I stand here
Alone in the prison…………!!!



Sweet Krishna sweet Krishna
Once you blow thy magical flute
A little lyric and strikes its own form
My heart melts into the tunes

In the vast listening woods
A melody waver, delicate tune
From tune to tune winds are
Modulates without pause

All birds have lost their former ease
Pure drop of rain are now mute
My eyes filled with tears that cannot fall
O Krishna, all awaits thy flute

Starlight’s birth of passing hours
With its full power of music draws
Away this heart of mine’
O God! O love! O sweet! Cried lord Radha



Standing here, tears running down my face
Each tears mixing with a drop of rain
So that, I cry freely thinking of you
Now, I’m laying in the middle of the street
And thinking of our love,
From tune to tune of the rain drops
Remembers our everlasting memories
I have lost myself here
Pure drops of rain are now mute
Everything seems to be fade
My eyes filled with tears that cannot see
I’m crying thinking of you…
Memories in my heart what we use to be
And walking in the rain alone and alone
Wail tears hides in the rain and
Smile steaming in my face
Just for you, so that you could be
Happy in the heaven…….



Everyone needs someone in life
For a full life depends

Just knowing that someone cares in their eyes
And holds us close in their heart and prayer

If someone makes our smile, laughter and tears
True and trust………….

In some thoughts shared our joy and sorrow
In someone dreams we are touched the stars

When worries comes to wear us
If someone stands as tower of strength

Everyone needs someone in life
For a full life depends

So now we could be glad and gratitude



Once I saw a little colorful fish
In an aquarium water
Fish and water are prime in worth
I watched their beautiful story

WATER: I see tears streaked face
I can feel your pain, when your tears drops
Hope you listened and heard me

FISH: yes, I missed my family in ocean
Here after I am alone and alone
No one can see my tears, how would felt it?

WATER: Because you’re in me and you got a
Such wonderful eyes, I don’t want to see
The tears that are running down in your face

WATER: yet till now my
Existence had no meaning……..
You’re the one,
Made my life……. More colorful

I like being in your thoughts
You’ll always to the one
In my mind………..
Would you let me too?
Swim in your heart……………
I am willing to love you………………..

FISH: you’re living jewel
And a while:
A fish without water
Can’t swim………………!
When you offer me
Your heart, I cannot breathe………….,

Without me you still
Live on, but without
You, my life has no meaning…………………

Yet I will not leave you
Because I love you…………



You‘re so beautiful in every way
You‘re a fighter with style
You’re made your way.

Your color resembles the chestnut
A deep brown, black lady hair
Entice me to be with you.

When you jumps up, jumps up
And stand with slender aside
A day is not enough to watch it………,

Simply you’re wonder horse
You know, you know I Love You
More and more each day cried a child…………….



O precious hours!!
O golden time!!
Run up the clock
To tell us the time

Tick tock, tick tock
It echoes in the vacant hall
To remind the every
Minutes are so precious.

O precious hours!!
O golden time!!
You made the life path
Live…, love…, lonely….

O precious hours!!
O golden time!!
The universe surrounds
You with possibilities

O precious hours!!
O golden time!!
When both hand
Stand at the top together.

No man has the power
To tell, that is your end
O precious hours!!
O golden time!!



Moonlight face,
Blue eyes
Rose –red lip
Flower-bud hand
Horse hairs
Fish legs
Loving –heart
Swimming in the water
A slender mermaid
And speak soft,
My love lives in my heart
And he will hear.



They stood up
So that we could be sat down
They dressed up with uniform
And live with dignity
So that we could be colorful
They strive all the season
And even climb the mountain to heal the deed
So that we could be blithely and blossom
Most of days they spend the
Place no faith of tomorrow
By day their voice is low and light
If there are silent dead of night
They sacrifice themselves without selfishness
Just because we could be safe and bliss
We head bow and declare:
A moment of silence, respect and gratitude



Life begins like a huge fort
Of darkness tower
Around it our life grew
An ocean’s siege

Each moment in a newer form
On earth and sky, in wave and wind
In night and day, in light and shade
In calm and storm are undefined

O life, o life you‘re in wheeling stars
Once it rotate for fate of tournament
It stands in the line of love and hate
By the magical sword of GOD!

Life: mysterious flame around a melting pearl
By light we live and to the light we go
Living is a magical play!!
Living is a magical play!!



There was a road that I still remember
That I walked each day with you
All of my life you were living,
In my heart and soul

A place of tranquilizes peacefulness
Where we held hands and smile
And promised I will come true
For every dream you ever dreamed.

Many hills, fields and lovely ferns
A quiet stillness that is so sweet
You will give joy and many warm smiles
Where I can share that even across mile

Sitting under shade with downcast eyes
You have shoulder my tears to dry
When I was blue and hold me;
To smoothes my fears

A pleasant and happy road my dear
All filled with sweet memories so true
We were holding gently here and
I want to walk with you miles together.



A tree beside the sandy river beach
Holdup its topmost boughs towards sky
Lone in the light of a magical wood
In that magical wood in the land of sleep

I looked up above my head this fair evening
With beauty of night delightful
I went to the garden of love
And saw what I never had seen.

Spirits of love were the starts that glowed
Spirits of peace were the stream that flowed
Spirits of truth were the birds that sang
And little angels with magical sticks

Softly sweetly angel’s wings
Came floating through night skies
Spanning time and distance
Lifting the whispered prayer of faith

Don’t waste your youth chasing fast dream
Gleaming things pretty thing
Take heed watch yourself you could
Find yourself inside the place


They‘re around you
When you’re in need

You find them around
In your happiness and sadness

They’ll shoulder to dry your tears and
They’ll says funny things, that‘ll forgets your blue.

They come to lend a helping hand
When your path are hewing

They makes every moment worthwhile
And hide every trace of sadness.

You’ll find all around in your life
Only they need you must be a True Friend



A question keeps on running
In my mind, why it is so…,
I can’t understand…,

If someone closeness Resides
In our heart the Final hug,
With an air kiss and the last
Good-bye Walked away without smile

Before we took time to
Listen the pain that
Causes to each other

And words are struggling
In the heart because we
Don’t listen to our heart
We only listen to “TEARS IN OUR EYES”

The School

I visited a school, it was built of
Bricks and sour, the entrance was
Like a gusty waves, the classroom
Walls were mostly cracked lined.

The roof were full of holes and roots
Where each leak in rainy water,
There was a need of window to school
Empty blackboard and a chalk piece boxes

Children are so helpless in appearance
There faces like rootless weeds
Few were dressed up with tie, few with shoes
Their tongues run naked into books.

There eyes live in a dream of future
Little dots, the young one dream
Far, far from the stars of words
These raw are melting into the big tree

Awarding the country its country has
Great Teachers, Doctors, Scientists, Politicians
And one of the best vision in the future.
Yet for these children world are painted with fog

Unless Teachers, Inspectors, Educational Department
Search of new means and refined it
These raw than open on their lives
Like a crouching stems.

- Asha.G


I was prime in wroth
She fortune me with gifts and lies;

Her first lies start here…
A cup of rice she feed me in the moonlit,
But her stomach filled with water.
And says: “I am not hunger today”

When I was seek on the bed
Struggling for the sleep, she lullaby
On her lap without closing the eyelashes
And says: “I am not getting sleep today”

When I have wet my path with tears,
She weeping for me, when no one knew it
“She encouraged with confident smile
And hide her tears” to step forward me.

When I was comfort with my job
I asked her to take rest,
But she ignored my words…
And says: “I am not tired”

One day she fell ill
Her life is spinning out of control
I can feel her pain in the eyes
Her eyes says: “Don’t cry my child”

The grave be now thy bed
An incommunicable sleep
I am taking rest as you wished
My mom voice echoing in my dream…

Again her lie continues…
She is a visible God to me.



My heart full of your presence with
So much joy and passion…
Only you can hear it sings with melody.

No other things make me smile…
Only you can make my heart laugh,
Because of you it sparks of love.

You walked away with my love
You took away my heart and tore
My brave heart is now shattered into piece.

Though I regret that it’s all over
I know it had to end, still;
My little heart whispers I LOVE YOU.

Only you can hear its pity cries and
Different emotions fights with my heart
It screams for you; just don’t want to give-up you.

Before you walk away from all this;
You are really through,
Just hear out the last beat of my heat
And leave out a few drops of tears;
In front of my GRAVE,
My little heart to sleep…








The little girl with an angel

Chillness seep in the street,
Star start to looked colder,
It snowed and was nearly dark.
Evening – last evening of the year.

The little legs had drawn close up to her
The girl sat on the bench,
Her innermost thought were
Burdened with sorrow.

Unfortunately, the couple of days,
Back she lost her parents…
She couldn’t able to
Enjoy the New Year day.

The street were decorated with
Wonderful lights, candle were
Gleaming like stars, they
Were almost welcoming the new year.

Suddenly, she saw a brilliant light,
That was brighter than noonday,
So beautiful and so tall with wing,
A lovely angel stayed.

She took on her arm
And both were flown in joy
World Were neither sorrow nor hunger,
The little girl had entered the joys new year.

Seven wonders in the office

Where I found, it is need for the life…
1. Door says: World is wide open to experience life in our own ways.
2. Clock says: Be regular in your work…
3. Window says: See the world, there are much more to learn.
4. Computer says: Be sharp to face the challenges.
5. Air conditioner says: Be cool, when there is a pressure from higher authority.
6. Teacup’s says: Don’t ever give up your life in everyone’s cup.
7. Boss says: Aim the goal in life to achieve greater than me.


Too soon, the sun edge,
Rising to slice at sky,
Opening the wrist of morning…
Chillness seep into the street…
The sweet sound of air is
Joined with lyric of bird….
Fresh flowers here…
As I walk with their voice…
To say a very, very and
Sweet good morning…

In every successful story behind there will
Be a bitter experience…
So boldly go head and meet every test…
To come out with flying colors

A friend is like a second shadow,
Always travel with an everlasting love…

Moon and stars are the gift to dark.


18. Rose: Queen of Garden
How lovely you are?
All the lovable person loves you…
Your smile is gift to my eyes…
Your beauty is joy forever…
Hey garden queen, a day, I
Wish to be your daughter...


Failure admits the long sleepless night…
Don’t put an end there…
Give a chance to know your strengths…
To come out with flying colors…


You are the loveliest person to me,
The journey with you is passionate,
When I am in loneliness…
You are in my memories…
A good friend is like a good novel;
I learnt after reading you…
When I walk with you…
A new confidant is born in me…
Your friendship: purifies my soul with blissful
I found, life with you is meaningful…
Under all circumstance still beautiful…
I pray to god such glee company eternal in life…


. I don’t like to see the world without you…
I am holding my feeling inside my heart…
It is hard to find the words, to tell you….
What I felt, so deeply in my heart…
My life is wrecked, emotions undisciplined…
You ‘ re all that really matters…
Simply I miss you…


Oh, what a wonderful light?
It is so warm, bright flame,
A brass ornament at top…
The fire burned with such a
Blessed influence and confidant,
The light fell on the wall…
It transparent likes a veil…
It burned brightly in the dark room.
And slowly start melting into the small
Wow, such as brilliant light;
Sacrifice the life to the darkness…
To see the brighter side…

A good friend is like a good book
Write each page with good moral….
And eternal flow memories….

Flowers are the blessed gift of God
But he forgets to increase the life-size.

The sound of a newborn baby cry,
The first time they open their eyes,
Pinkies finger and their soft touch,
Is the everlasting happiness to a mother….


Look at the treetop,
The bird, building its nest
So smooth and so round
A nest full of young birds rest…
Then feeding its babies from worms…
The tiny birds, lies asleep…
Let us watch the origin of mothers love…


Light flows along flats of burning water,
Of sun as it drops to let darkness…it reflects the calm
And breeze among the rocks….


I remember the playground,
Park, school and my friends,
Enjoyed the days with innocently
Childhood life is imperishable and eternal memories,
Nobody can steal it, save it in your life inbox.


I’ll go it alone
I’ll go it alone
To my never-never ended land
My world is spinning out of control
I hear my cries as you call to me,
Your spirit flows and soothes my soul to follow you
Bye to this wonderful world.
I’ll go it aloneI’ll go it alone with my God

Don’t ever give your life in everyone’s cup.
Think yourself before acting to other opinion.

God loves you and me with an everlasting love;
But we love only if he solves our problem.

Blue and white are romantic like blue sky with white moon
Illuminated by starlight.

Have you ever seen?
That nature lacks his duty, Then, why do you so…?
Be sincere to yourself and begin your day with blissful.

The success or failure of life, depend upon one’s thinking.


Imperishable and eternal music can heal the wounds of life;
Burdened with sorrow and purifies the soul with blissful.


That relaxes our innermost thoughts, burdened with sorrow



Won the debate, without speech


Sometimes I wonder
What life is all about?
Then I think, friend like you,
And I come to know:

Friendship is the most valuable gift,
It is beautiful with divine power,
It is unconditional love with feelings and emotions,
A Friend is someone special;
We can share everything without hesitation,
I hope we deserve it
Let me show my sincerity,
Let me do my responsibility as a friend,
Your joy and pain, I want to share,
Truly and deeply I really do care forever,
You are gift from heaven above
I wish it should not perish, but having
Everlasting life with eternal bliss…


Listen to my words,
There is something missing in me,
You are the one………..
Listen to my words,
You made me doll and baby of heart…
And left me in for loneliness
I am alone and alone…
Looking for you to share the things…
Where were you solaces?
Know I am missing your presence…
Looking back for you…
I am alone in my lonely silence…


Don’t wait for a time, to
Begin the world.

Don’t wait for the best, to
Believe in yourself.

Don’t wait for a love, to
Recognize the value of mother.

Don’t wait for the break, to
Enjoy the days.

Don’t wait for a pain, to
Believe in God.

Don’t wait for an option, to
Choose the best.

Don’t wait for a problem, to realize that,
There are much bigger problem than us.

Don’t wait, just go ahead.


If you have a song, sing it now.
Today the sun is so bright,
Tomorrow rain may come in view,
Yesterday is not for you. Do it now
Tomorrow will be too late.

If you have hard work, do it now.
Sure there will be lots of troubles,
Your path may be hewing,
Worries that come to wear,
Don’t postpone it, do your work.
Tomorrow may not come your way.

If you have a smile, show it now.
Don’t wait for the world to begin,
Don’t look at the things to be right.
Do it now tomorrow will be too late.

Make every moment worthwhile,
And hide every trace of sadness,
Let make friends around you,
The love you have before they go;
Express it now.
Tomorrow will be too late.


Love is a precious gift of God.
Every person should enjoy its beauty.


Love is opium better do not try it.

It you try it the consequence will be grief.



The cool morning fog as the sun;
Comes up and warms the day.

The warm feeling of a hug;
From someone who loves you.

The quiet sound of the ocean on the shore,
Take a deep breath of fresh air.

The lovely pink of a newborn baby;
From a pink nipple, it did drink.

Imperishable and eternal music, can
Heal all broken heart burdened with sorrow.

A thought from someone who call you friend,
A friend you know, who will always care.

A sweet loving red rose,
It is dear in the loved ones life.

The wonders of nature bring into full bloom;
Its colour signs of seasonal bliss.

Something in life, are more precious.


Light up your face with gladness,
Hide every trace of sadness.
If you smile,
The tears are never be so near,
God blessed the smile,
To heal the wounds of heart
Smile is a lighthouse
That filled life with joy
It is a precious gift of God,
You will find that life is still,
Worthwhile, if you just smile.
So keep smiling and break the heart



Hey! Beauty queen
The tender flowing night says your name
You are the kingdom of colours,
I‘ll never find other like you
You are the beacon of beauty.

Hey! Amazing queen,
A blind can feel you
My shadow speaks of you,
You are the mirror for trees

You beauty makes every;
Heart to keep a secret spot
Your beauty eloquent even
Though you are silent

My dreams reliance and commence
With you, your beauty fascinate
By all age of people, but,
I resent, there is no colour of flowers

Oh!! Black
It’s wistful to here that,
You are alive, in the
Occasion of mourner.



He was a beacon of humour,
And the humanity of the man,
Who touched the world?
He was the first international
Star of the modern era
He was the man who not
Believe in dialogue.

His movies are an eloquent
Even though it is silent
Perhaps his movies say:
Smile, what is the use of crying?
You will find the life is:
Still worthwhile if you just smile.

His performance in movies:
Light up your face with gladness,
Hide every trace of sadness.
Every heart is elation to keep;
A secret spot for him.
Moreover, every heart is aching,
Without his presence.


Black has subjected me,
To brutal strokes of destiny.
Nevertheless, I will not blame the man
Who blessed me as a blind?
Because, my happiness is so bright
Although, days passes with night.

Can see no beauty on this;
Beauteous earth or I cannot;
Watch the bloom of flowers
But, I can feel the silken;
Beauty of its full bloom.

I may not see the beauty;
Of sliver moon or twinkling
Star in the darkness
But, I can feel their existence
In the reflection of calm and rest.

Perhaps, black is precious gift of god
That blessed me, that means,
It is better than the brightest gem
I am proud to be in black.


Nature is a beacon of love,
Nature is our mother,
We are its children.
It feeds, when we are hungry,
It takes away our thirsty.
Nature gives us everything,
But, it does not take anything.
Nature is beautiful,
The beauty of nature is
An eloquent even though
It is silent.
The wonders of nature,
Brings into full bloom;
Its colour signs of a seasonal bliss.


I think to myself,
What a wonderful world,
I ill never know, ill will learn much more.

I think to myself,
What a beautiful blue sky,
With white cloud, a bird flies high,
A dark to see beauty of starlight;
A bright-blessed day,
It is all a magic of sky.

I saw friends shaken hand
A warm feeling hug, saying:
How do you do?
What a happiest world,
I think to myself.

I hear a baby cry in,
A bright smile on other face,
They‘re really saying I Love You.
What a beautiful world
I think to myself.

A garden queen
With red lips, showered;
With dew drops it so dear
In the life of loved ones.

I sitting under shade,
And watching the line of ants,
A small grass with freshness
I think to myself
What a wonderful world.


In friendship there is no
Word called departure.
Your heart and my heart,
No, need any words to speak.
A true and caring friend,
Does have to speak loud
It is no the mouth that really speaks,
The heart feels it.

But, the mind feels as:
Why could not you speak with me?
I am awaiting from long time
If yourself is withdrawn from me
Under whose shadow
I solace my dear friend.


There was a line of fate drawn,
In my life, I found myself fade,
When I hear you are gone; to
The place of God enters.

I could do nothing without you,
Alas finding it not to be true,
But hearing a voice;
That you had died.

But, if I could turn back time,
Dad, I see your face;
With confident smile,
And offering a special words

You are the keeper of my dreams
The man who holds my life;
In his hand with joyful,
But know without you it’s painful.

My life is wrecked,
My emotion undisciplined,
I can’t get up although I try,
Dad, don’t be upset if I cry.

Dad, always know ‘I Love You’
And no one can take your place,
You are the best, your memory
Will be eternal flow in my heart.


Be proud to be yourself,
Be proud of the way god made you,
Express yourself that, you are the best,
And don’t be ashamed to be you,
No one can do it better than you,
Appreciate the good things in yourself;
And be thankful for the time you have with yourself.

Be proud to be yourself,
Walk in your own style; and
Don’t act to others opinion; realize
That they would have opinion on you anyway,
Believe in yourself and your values,
Don’t sellout when things go wrong.

Be proud of the way god created you,
Did you know there is only one you?
No one can do it better than you,
Do the best what you have,
And make proud one who gave birth.

Don’t fear to be alone; just love yourself,
And make a crowd around you.
Be proud what you have,
And be thankful, the way you are created.

Make sure that you are the;
One of the God’s best creations


Praying for a shelther,
He has given a wonderful world.

Praying for a happiness,
He has given a people to help them.

Praying for a strength,
He has given a diffiliculties to overcome it.

Praying for a courage,
He has given a dangerous to face it.

Praying for a love,
He has given heart to feel it.

Praying for a destiny,
He has given power to change it.

Praying for a fearless life,
He has given an experience to learn it.

Praying for a sucess,
He has given a faith to try it.

Praying for a wisdom,
He has given a capability to grow it.

Praying for an opporunity,
He has given a ways to create it.

Praying for a victory,
He has given passion to perform it.

Praying for a dreams,
He has given a hope to trust it.

He has given an everything to you. then,
What is your prayer?

You are special to me!

You' re special to me!
You' re special to me!

You' re the one
Who show the real love
With arms wide open
An offer a hug.

A tearful shoulders
A stomach -aching
Laughs, which I like
To share with you.

when times get rough
My words are fade
My world get falls apart
You are the one
Makes, every moment worthwhile

When you 're not here
To share my days and nights
My life is so incomplete

I know that, I can find
My completeness only with you
And eternal peace of mind
By offering the special words

You 're the keeper of my dreams
The man who holds my
Heart in his hand
The one I want to
Spend my life with.......

You' re someone special
I'll always love
You' re the best friend
I' ve ever met.


Our earth is a living jewel,
As slient sentials
Tress grow old

But every spring,
Blossoms anew
Relects the budding of life.

Birds tittering
On a twig blooming
A bunch of blossoms,
Gleefully nodding.

These I shall treasure
As long as I live,

My dad recalls
Grandma's tale thought
When everthing
In nature was bountiful

Alas! Man has forgotten it all
In his greed
To Grab everything
That was meant for all.
Nature you are the life giver
For thousands of souls
You are the saviour

You nurture and care
For everyone
Is to you so dear.

The shade you gave us all
The chriping of birds
Or the cuckoo's call
Have gone once and for all

Oh !what can I tell my
My grandchild
Of the wondrous world
My dad told me
When I was a child

When everything
Was in plenty
And nature showered us
With all her bounty.


Let us count our blessings,
On this new day,
And ask God,
To show us the way.

Spring comes with its blossoms,
Summer with its heart,
Autumn with its fall,
And winter with its sleet.

But the rejoice of every new day,
Makes every being alive,
To the fact of life,
That God has given me another day.

With a song in my heart,
I welcome this day as my very last
And hope and pray,
That it should not go very fast.


You have stolen my heart,
You have stolen my heart,
Return it back,
Before it get fade.

Now, my heart,
An enthansis,
By looking the
Your opqucity heart.

Your heart is
Moving from me,
I know you go, away from me.

Tell me,
How can I live,
Without you?

My soul,
Can reach in your,
Breath, smile, tears
Of all your life.

Even though you
Owes wistful to my heart.

If God choose, I shall
But, I take a grace
As a phoneix bird
So that I can love you
Through my ashes..........


Friends never fade,
I trusted because there is;
Vigorous between you and me.

Friendship may arise
Neither through......
Introduction nor conversation.

But, those who care,
Empathy, of course
Who is eternal with us.

We choose as a
Best comrade
Friendship is a wizard
Can you how ?

We never be
Outspoken with our
Parents or sibling
Untill they become a
Very good friend.


Oh!! sweet moon, Oh!! sweet moon,
Why ? are you furious upon me
The gentle breeze, pleasant of
Clam & peaceful, tender darkness
Is pale without this Exquisite cherub.


The Lovely buds were trance,
I brunette leaf.

Dews drops were slept upon
A bloomed flowers.

Breeze speaks with the freshly,
Bloosmed rose to sleep.

A White moon has appeared,
To slumber the darkness.

But, The INNOVATION has also slept
With an every person,
Without knowing them .

COMRADE (friend)

You are special to me,
with childlike faith,
All of me
I repose in thee

In our Everyday life,
Your memory reaches out to me
Happiness and grief,
Have always been shared with me.

My eyes beckoning, speaks
Only the truth with you
May I always be blessed,
With the company of you

If god gives grace, I like to
Continue such glee company forever.

I like you, to be
With your smile, tears
Of all my life.

Myself is dedicated
To my dear Friend.....!

Sharing all our happiness
Travelling on the road of life
On our mutual dependence
We will go miles.


what a wounderful creation
Of God, you are !!
When you begin,
Everybody is in a trance,

Ah!! You are the kingdom of dark
Illminated by moonlight,
Reflecting the beauty
Of calm and rest.

A smile,
Like a twinkling diamond,
Plays on your face.
Perhaps, thinking of the dreams,
Of lovers
Or on the lyrics of the song birds

The soughing of the wind,
Is like a lullaby
And the leaves,
Nodding their heads
Are put to sleep.

Oh Darkness!!
Your elation
That is eternal
May it always flow in my heart.


Who speaks better of beauty,
In language more elegantly,
Of flowers graceful and stately,
In colours of all variety.

The cluster of buds,
fluttering and dancing
In the breeza, beckons me
Saying, come dance with me

A week, make me bewilderment
what colour, shape, style
Sprightly come out to become
My sweet buddy.

The nodding heads of flowers
Tells the bee
There is honey in me

The birds were perched
Upon a blomming twig,
They sang happliy

Perhaps, thinking of the every
Spring, which make
Me neonatal.

Oh, I graceful to God
Who gave such a
Glee company....!!

But i am wistful,
Her life is for a day..............


You are my beacon of love
I'll never find
Another like you.

My Happiness,
Brings joy to you.
Your smile is radiant as
Blossoming flowers
Your anger is fleeting
As summer rain

You shall all my grief,
You wipe away my tears
You give me strength
And courages
And inspire me with confidence
To face all my challenges.

Mum, your love and affection
Has shown me the way,
all this with whomsoever
I meet on life's way.

All I can now say will be
You are very special to me.