You are my beacon of love
I'll never find
Another like you.

My Happiness,
Brings joy to you.
Your smile is radiant as
Blossoming flowers
Your anger is fleeting
As summer rain

You shall all my grief,
You wipe away my tears
You give me strength
And courages
And inspire me with confidence
To face all my challenges.

Mum, your love and affection
Has shown me the way,
all this with whomsoever
I meet on life's way.

All I can now say will be
You are very special to me.


Muniveerappa. M said...

prodigious work it was a truly heart warming poem. It would make ever child think that his or her mother
is something special to them.

Manjesh Muthappa said...

Its really beautiful. I love the rhyme scheme, but its definitely not only that. It makes loads of sense, and the way it all goes together, its reminds me of petals falling from someones hand.Its a perfect poem.

Karthic said...

Its really good.

Keet it up Asha

summi said...

in this mad rush hour of our lives for career,money,relations...
at some point...
we tend to forget to stop by n'express the only thing which she expect
for the creator...our mom
how special she is for all the love she gave
for the only one ...
ur poem is a perfect gift for our loving mom
asha jus see what impact u have made by ur poem...keep rockn
all the best

Muthu said...

its really good da.....